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Leather Jackets

Hip Hop leather jacket

The modern leather jackets we offer are made of PU Leather but at the same time trendy and robust. Motor bikers, pilot and workers used to wear these jackets since a long time ago because they provide special protection and today they are a very special attention catcher for urban and hip hop outfits. As very often in street fashion, common or military clothing gets reinvented by designers and creates authentic urban leather jackets. A popular look is a dark blouson and black jeans with a white t-shirt. This leather imitation coat comes from Urban Classics. If you prefer gangster style, assemble a completely dark outfit, add a snapback cap and don’t forget to wear dark sun glasses, even at night.

Urban leather jacket

Not only dark gangster leather jackets are common in the streets, rappers and hip hop stars often wear fantastic coats in colours like black, brown and also red or grey are possible because of the modern high quality manufacturing process. When you decide what to wear on your next date, what about combining a red urban leather jacket with black t-shirt and jeans. And to support your eye-catching add red shoes and you will make a unique impression for instance at your first date. View our jackets from hip hop brand free side for sale below.
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