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Urban Vests

The current streetwear vest has come a long way from the 17th century when it began to be part of a three-piece suit. Basically, a vest is an overwear without sleeves. It was initially worn underneath a jacket or a larger coat and is still part of formal or business outfits. Nowadays well-known deviations are for hunting, fishing and of course the leather biker vest. While fishing and you don’t want to wear a heavy jacket that might restrict mobility, people wear a thick fleece shirt with long arms and a vest over. This combination works very well and keeps the upper body warm. Urban people often may consider this as outdated and not appropriate for summer days, because they like more casual and baggy style clothes and tend to wear their vests with a short sleeve t-shirt underneath, so the arm get stressed and maybe you trained hard for your muscles or have a new tattoo, you want your outfit to stress that, just have a look at this from Cabin.

Streetwear look

A baggy streetwear vest doesn’t necessarily be thick or chunky. Today, it is more about the look than function because vests are no longer restricted to a side role, they can be the main role of an urban outfit. Modern variations are camo, baggy, long and most are also obtainable oversized. The camouflage ones can also have a hood that will work very well as an eyecatcher. If you are more into casual apparel, a baggy vest will suit you good.

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